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Whether you’re relocating because of you or your partner’s career, you qualify for the Orientation Year Visa, DAFT Visa, or you are joining family members abroad—we are here to make the transition as seamless as possible. Our workshops, programs and coaches are here to help you adapt to the local culture, become familiar with regulations, understand the job market and connect with your new community. 



Take that extra step with your international new hires and provide resources to their family members, helping them adjust to their new life abroad as well.

When you relocate an employee to bring them on board, their satisfaction and happiness with their new role inevitably extends beyond the workplace, especially if they relocated with family. Ensure your employee retention by offering programs and workshops that your new hire and their family can utilize to help them adapt to local life and culture.


Orientation Year
Visa Coaching

Did you know that master’s degree graduates from the top 200 internationally ranked institutions have the option to start their career in the Netherlands? The Dutch Orientation year (zoekjaar) visa is the best way for individuals to begin the journey of life abroad—and we can help. Through expert coaches, comprehensive programs and workshops, we guide and help individuals so that their immersion into Dutch society is a seamless as possible. 

The Dutch American Friendship Treaty allows US Entrepreneurs and Freelancers to acquire residency in The Netherlands. Upon acceptance, this visa You are allows you to stay in the Netherlands for two years with the option to renew for more 5 years. Through our DAFT coaching program you can expect guidance from start to finish in your application and expat journey.

First Month

The first month abroad will set the tone for the months and years to come, so it’s crucial that your experience begins on a positive, stress-free note. We have carefully curated programs designed to support creating connections within the local community by providing a network, career workshops and interviewing skills. 

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DAFT Visa Coaching

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