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About Us

Our goal is simple: increasing diversity within our societies by making global mobility more accessible.


To achieve this goal, we aim to provide services that help clients make the process of moving to the Netherlands seamless by understanding that relocating abroad goes beyond the logistics of the move, but involves finding their place within the local community and adapting to the new culture. 


We are here to help answer client questions and provide opportunities for them to connect with their new society. We are here to ensure this new journey is enjoyed from pre-departure to the first few months post-arrival.

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Tim Zhang

Co-Founder and CEO

An expat himself, Tim worked in the United States as an international student affairs professional with an interest and education in global mobility. He faced firsthand, through the experience of others and his own, that supporting resources for expats when it comes to cultural adaptation are very limited.


With his mission of diversifying our societies by making global mobility more accessible, Tim moved to the Netherlands to create a company that specializes in supporting individuals and employees on their expat journey.


Drew Fossen

Co-Founder and CMO

After moving to Amsterdam in 2018 to live with his Dutch girlfriend, Drew realized that moving overseas wasn’t so easy. He noticed the lack of CLEAR information surrounding the different types of visas. This inspired him to create a website dedicated to helping Americans move to the Netherlands using the Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT). This is the visa he used himself.

In addition to helping people move overseas, Drew enjoys basketball, golf, and explaining to his friends back in America that Dutch people are not from Denmark.

Meet Our Experts

We have carefully partnered with local experts to provide expats with the programs and resources needed for community building and cultural adaptation. 


Katie Tampke

Immigration Consultant

While in search of a Dutch visa that would allow her to work in the Netherlands while her husband pursued a masters degree, Katie found the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty (DAFT). As an experienced management consultant, she started freelancing for small businesses. In the process of applying for DAFT, Katie discovered a passion for helping others pursue this same visa. She now provides expert coaching for future DAFTers. Katie holds a Master's degree in Health Services Administration from the University of Kansas Medical Center. She is also a Six Sigma Green Belt and Certified Scrum Master. She also loves spending her free time painting, reading, and bouldering.

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