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What is Dutch "Orientation visa for highly educated persons"?

The Netherlands considers it highly important that highly skilled migrants have the time they need to find a job or start their own company in the Netherlands after completing their studies. Therefore, highly educated persons can apply for a Netherlands visa valid for one year, the so-called 'Orientation year highly educated persons' residence permit. They can apply for this residence permit within 3 years after completing their study, or obtaining their PhD in the Netherlands or abroad. As a holder of a residence permit 'Orientation year for highly educated persons', you are allowed to work in the Netherlands without any restrictions.

Are you thinking about moving to the Netherlands via Dutch Orientation visa? Check out the key qualifications below.

Key qualifications for Non-Dutch Degree persons:

  • Completed a master's or post-master's programme or obtained a PhD at a designated international educational institution abroad; from top 200 of one of the general ranking or by subject of the:

  • Have completed a master's, post-master's or doctoral programme in the English or Dutch language or meet minimum score of English Language Tests

  • The application has to be received – by post, online, or at a Dutch representation abroad – within 3 years after your graduation date

There are certain conditions that apply to everyone. Check full conditions on IND website.

Orientation Year Visa Coaching

Looking to move to the Netherlands but not sure where to start? Need help to understand application process from overseas? Have questions on job markets? Let us guide you. Check out our Orientation Year Visa Coaching service.


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