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First Month

Globalization and internationalization have become an ever-growing trend and yet the global mobility and destination services provided to highly educated persons remains limited. We’re here to change that.

We believe the first month is the most important for an expat and that’s why we carefully curated cohort-based programs aimed at making connections within the local community.

Culture Workshops

Adapting to a new culture takes practice. These culture workshop sessions teach a method of approaching everyday, cross-cultural situations through three steps: Awareness, Analysis and Application.

Career Workshops

Consisting of four interactive sessions with our expert career coach, this cohort-based learning program covers job search strategies, networking, understanding the Dutch job market, as well as application and interview skills.

Dutch Society 101

A complete information session on Dutch systems and infrastructure. From understanding public transportation to government taxing and allocations, and everything in-between (including universal healthcare!), we’ll cover it all in detail.

Healthy/Wellness and Building Community

Finding your social circle after relocating somewhere new is a key piece when it comes to individual wellness. We’ve partnered with Find Your Fit—a local social club that organizes fitness events that encourage social connection and networking through group fitness activities.

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