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Orientation Year
Visa Coaching

Designed for individuals relocating to The Netherlands with the Orientation Visa, this program is filled with expert resources and workshops all aimed to make your transition into Dutch life and culture smooth and seamless. Through our coaching program you can expect guidance from start to finish in your application and expat journey.

One-on-One Support

Individualized support from the application journey to your first weeks as an expat. We will be there for all your questions and concerns, guiding you through apartment hunting, job searches and building a new community around yourself.

Pre-Arrival Planning

From talking through the immigration process to determining arrival dates, we’ll help kickstart your journey with a comprehensive planning session.

Degree Verification

You’ll need to have your degree evaluated to ensure its validity before submitting your resident permit application. We’ll advise on this process as well as help prepare documents for your application.

Application Process

In addition to the resident permit, there’s a handful of other applications you’ll need to complete. We’re here to keep you on track with which applications need to be submitted and help prepare the necessary documents.


Need a place to call your own? Whether you’re a renter or looking to buy, we’ll ensure the resources you need are provided.

Post-Arrival Planning

During this session we’ll map out your first three months in the Netherlands together—which necessary appointments will need scheduling, prepare any budgets, goals and more.

Preparing for Departure

Before you departure, we will meet for a final time before your arrival in the Netherlands to answer last-minute questions or offer any needed advice.

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