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How to find a job in Amsterdam

If you’re an English speaker looking for career opportunities in the Netherlands, Amsterdam is your best option. The Dutch capital is home to countless international headquarters, all looking for employable English speakers. Saying this, navigating a foreign job market is still as sticky as a stroopwafel and it can be difficult to find employment in your specialised field of interest. To help, we’ve compiled a few helpful tips on how to find a job in Amsterdam.

How to find a starter job in Amsterdam

Getting a job in hospitality and retail in the Netherlands is an easy and accessible option for EU citizens or for anyone who does not need a visa sponsor. As the tourist centre of the Netherlands Amsterdam has many hotels, bars, and restaurants which are constantly on the lookout for English speakers. Talking from personal experience, I rarely found it difficult to find employment within hospitality. Even when the pandemic hit and the restaurants closed, there was still Thuisbezorgd – cycling around the city delivering food.

My advice would be to print out lots of CVs and ask bars, restaurants, shops, etc if they are hiring. This approach is a lot more personal and impactful than merely sending an email. In most cases they will pass on your CV to their manager who either will or won’t get in touch. But the more CVs you hand out, the better chance you have of getting that all important phone call.

If you haven’t moved to Amsterdam yet but still want to get ahead of the game, I would recommend setting up a profile with Inditex careers. Big clothing stores including Zara and Bershka recruit through this platform. It’s very easy to view, apply, and track the progress of your application on their website.

How to find highly qualified work in Amsterdam

Now for the more complicated highly skilled job market… The first thing you can do is look through LinkedIn. It’s easy to set up a profile, refine your job search, and apply for positions. A good tip is to set alerts for specific companies or careers that you would like to pursue in Amsterdam. This way you never miss out on an opportunity.

If there is a specific company you would like to work for in Amsterdam go and have a look at vaccines advertised on their website. Or if you would be interested in working for a new business check out Angel List – startups frequently post job opportunities here.

If you’re still having trouble searching for a job, there are plenty of recruitment agencies located in Amsterdam. Undutchables and Randstad Recruitment are just two of the more well-known agencies.

Once you’ve found your dream job, take your time with the application. Read through the job requirements and address them in your cover letter and CV. And while you’re editing your CV- make it stand out! Amsterdam international companies get thousands of applications. Invest time in making it eye catching and interesting for the HR team.

My final advice?

It might take a long time for you to find your perfect job. No doubt the road to employment is laden with rejection and disappointment. But don’t give up! Cast your net wide. The more jobs you apply to, the better the chance you have at getting an offer. Even if it’s not your ideal occupation, work experience is still work experience. Gaining a professional position in Amsterdam will help you to land that dream job…. And pay the rent in the meantime.

This blog post was written by Overseasy intern Lizzy Patterson


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