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Overseasy Co-Founder, Drew Fossen

Overseasy Founder, Drew, with his girlfriend Lieke

Drew got his first taste of European life while studying abroad in Leeds, England. There he met his Dutch girlfriend, Lieke. In 2018, Drew decided to leave his home in Madison, Wisconsin and move across the ocean for love.

Drew had a difficult time moving to the Netherlands, as he was fresh out of university and struggled to get a company to sponsor him for a highly-skilled migrant visa. After months of interviews and disappointment, Drew's savings ran dry, forcing him to return to Wisconsin. He needed to come up with a new plan in order to move to the Netherlands permanently.

That's when Drew discovered the Dutch American Friendship Treaty Visa (DAFT). With the DAFT visa, Americans can "start their own business" or work as a freelancer while living in the Netherlands. He immediately got started on building his own social media consulting business and got his first clients while living back in the United States. He began working with YouTubers to help them grow their channels by creating strategies and using his SEO skills.

After a few months of getting back on his feet in Wisconsin and building his new business, Drew made his move to the Netherlands for the second time, hoping this time would work out differently. He successfully applied for and received his DAFT visa at the end of 2018, allowing him to live and work in the Netherlands for two years.

The DAFT visa application process was far from straightforward, with scattered, outdated information across the internet. Identifying a need for a comprehensive resource, Drew combined his knowledge and personal experiences to create a website about the Dutch American Friendship Treaty. His SEO expertise generated significant traffic to his site, leading to many requests for additional assistance and one-on-one coaching.

Four years into running his social media consulting business, Drew teamed up with Tim Zhang and started Overseasy. Together, they aim to help others navigate the challenges of moving overseas with ease, drawing on their personal experiences and professional expertise.


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