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Overseasy Founder, Tim Zhang

Overseasy Founder, Tim Zhang

Just like most internationals, Tim began his expat journey with a study abroad experience through a public school exchange program. He left his hometown of Nanjing, China and started a new journey with a lovely host family in Mobile, Alabama.

Though it was drastically different than what he was used to, Tim threw himself into his new surroundings and appreciated a deep level of cultural connection during his first year in the United States.

Intercultural development became Tim’s passion as he continued to live in the United States, completing his master’s degree in High Education Student Affairs and worked closely with international students throughout his professional career.

His ability to initially fully immerse himself and adapt to this new surrounding had a great deal to do with the connections he developed through the school network. Having that built-in community encouraged international students to engage with others from the very start. But what about after university? Without a system already in place that heavily encourages community building, how do individuals create these connections for themselves?

Many people move away from their university or hometown due to job or life changes, and with that brings the challenges of making new connections within an entirely new environment and community. Fostering new connections and building up a network from scratch is especially difficult for those who move overseas.

With that in mind, Tim began creating the framework of a company with the sole purpose of helping expats adapt to a new environment and culture by providing the necessary resources and the foundation needed to build their own community.

Modelling his company’s structure after first-year orientation week hosted by universities across the United States, Tim carefully curated cohort-based program packages that help expats seamlessly adapt and build connections with their new community.

He is excited to welcome you to Overseasy and looks forward to connecting you with your new community.


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