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Designed with Expats in Mind

Moving abroad? Let us do the work (and take on the stress!) so you don’t
have to. We provide comprehensive service packages to individual and corporate-level
clients interested in relocating to The Netherlands.


Our goal is simple:
increasing diversity within our societies by making
global mobility more accessible.

Orientation Year Visa Coaching

Are you planning moving to the Netherlands from abroad via zoekjaar visa (orientation year)? We will help prepare all the necessary documents for the immigration process along with answering any questions you might have to make your transition into Dutch society as smooth as possible.


At a Glance

What Makes
Us Different?

There are very limited services offered to resident card holders who have relocated to the Netherlands—whether it’s for a partner’s job, a job themselves or to live with family members. 

For this reason, we have designed a unique First-Month Experience to help facilitate a seamless transition into Dutch life and culture. This one-month program includes one-on-one coaching and workshops/focus groups that touch on varying subjects from daily life in the Netherlands to navigating the job market. 


Our focus is on culture and helping expats understand Dutch society and how to operate within a brand new system while building themselves a community and home. Through comprehensive programs, workshops, coaching experts and our readily available client managers, Overseasy provides the resources needed to create this new journey a warm and welcoming one.

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